Find the most asked Studio questions here.

When arriving at Witte Kruislaan, follow the ‘Studio 55’ signs. It is best to walk up/drive up the terrain at the third barrier. At the barrier ring the bell for Studio 55 and we will open it for you.

It is possible to park at Studio 55. When busy, you can park at the parking deck and garage A of Media Park. These are located at ten minutes walking distance to Studio 55.

Need more time in the studio than expected? Upgrade your time slot for an additional fee of €50 per half hour. This applies only in case the studio is not booked after your time slot.

There is free WIFI access in the Studio. The host will give you the password.

Coffee, tea and water are included in your booking. For lunch we have a list of recommendations. Our studio manager is happy to help!

Upon booking you’ll receive an e-mail with payment link. Your booking is confirmed once you’ve completed the payment within one hour. 

Yes, there is a dedicated make-up area in the studio. 

Studio 55 is available for 4 or 8 hours in fixed time slots. Our direct online booking system provides you immediate access to the studio’s availability. You can schedule your moment immediately. Complete the payment within one hour and your booking is confirmed. Click here to make your booking now.

Nope. We can’t reserve dates for you. To make the booking process easy and transparent you can see the studio availability real-time through our direct online booking system.

Cancellation is free of charge up to seven days before your booking. When cancelling within seven days before your booking, you’re required to pay the full amount. We do not give refunds within this period of seven days to booking. However you do have the option to reschedule your booking. This can be done only once. In addition, we need to be informed of your wish to reschedule up to 72 hours prior to the original booking date.

There is an unloading zone near the entrance of the studio.

Please inform the studio manager as soon as possible so we can take this up with our insurance.

You are responsible for the arrival and behaviour of your own guests on our premises.

There will always be a host present at the studio. The host will give a small tour and will answer all questions you might have. 

No, pets & children are not allowed, unless they are part of your production.

No fire and smoke is allowed in our Studio.

Yes, use of our flashing lights are included. If you want to rent further equipment, please let us know in advance.

Upon payment of the booking you’ll receive an invoice.

Please call us at +31 (0) 35 20 332 55 when you arrive at the entrance of the building.